My name is Byron Clayton and I grew up land locked on a farm, yet developed a love of ships through my adventures abroad. Since a young boy, I've been fascinated by ships and the fantasy of being an explorer. In my career, I have even moved companies to be closer to ships. You see, I really love ships. That youthful energy and curiosity has led me to create Honestcuriser.com which is my down to the water line experience of the cruise industry. 

No ads, no manipulations by travel agencies, just the good the bad and the ugly. In a world of mass market media, I simply provide, truth in cruising.


My love affair with ships started with my first cruise aboard Fairsea in 1984. Since then, I've been aboard over 50 ships and I am perpetually looking forward to the next experience. My research and passion has taken me across the Baltic, Mediterranean, Africa, Asia, South Pacific, South America, Central America, Mexico and North America and Alaska.   

In 2008, I started actively publishing articles via the website Clayton Shipping, several UK magazines and US web based magazines. To create a stronger connection to my work, in 2012 I started developing The Art of Ship brand. I have also published work under my pen name of George Gordon.

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